Coring and grab sampling

These geotechnical operations are performed onboard drilling vessels M/V Bavenit, M/V KIMBERLIT and a special vessel M/V KERN with different drilling equipment.

Coring is performed onboard M/V Bavenit with a special system STACOR.

Vibrocorer assembly UGVP-132M is used to take soil cores with M/V Kimberlit and M/V Kern.

Vibrocorer assembly UGVP-132M (Russia) is used for soil sampling within 100 m sea depth. In process of coring a drilling vessel is kept at the given position with bow thrusters and bowing anchor. The assembly is lowered on the sea floor with a deck crane (or A-frame). It is consisted of a base frame, guide poles with mounted on them sliding frame with attached drill tool. The drill tool includes vibrocorer unit GU-108 and a double core barrel assembly.

Assembly of Vibrocorer UGVP-132M

Assembly of Vibrocorer UGVP-132M

    UGVP-132M specifications:

  • Type of base – frame;
  • Core barrel — 127 mm OD; length -5.6 m
  • Core receiver – 108 mm;
  • Core diameter – 99 mm;
  • Drilling diameter – 132 mm;
  • Pressure drop– 1.5-4.0 MPa;
  • Flow rate – 120-200 l/min;
  • Bullet frequency – 4-20 Hz;
  • Weight of the assembly – 340 kg;
  • Rate of penetration – 5-15 m/hour.

At sea depth in excess of 100m gravity tube is used to take soil cores (ID 122mm, 5 m core catcher).

Gravity tube

Gravity tube

Grab sampler OCEAN is used to take soil samples from the seabed surface.

    Technical parameters of grab sampler OCEAN:

  • Manufacturer: Remstroymash, Murmansk, Russia
  • Model: DCH-0.025 of clamp-shell type
  • Dimensions: width 504 mm, length 638 mm
  • Volume: 0.025 m3
  • Weight: 166 kg.
Grab sampler " OCEAN "

Grab sampler " OCEAN "