MetOcean survey for engineering

For a 30-year period AMIGE have carried out metocean surveys for many marine constructions and facilities in various offshore regions of the Barents Sea and the Kara sea shelf which were referred to oil and gas prospective areas, and in nearshore regions of the Baydara bay, the Ob Bay, the Taz Bay, the Yenisei Gulf and at the sites close to the Varandey and Kolguev Islands.

MetoOcean surveys are performed by modern techniques of measurements with a help of up-to-date equipment and instruments. A wide range of data has been accumulating since 1984 allows solutions related to hydrographic and weather support in a variety of engineering and scientific application tasks for all activities on the Arctic shelf.

Meteorological and oceanographic survey covers the following operations:

  • complex metocean survey;
  • seabed sediment transport survey;
  • sea ice survey.