SeaSpy Magnetometer specifications
Parameters Operating range
Absolute accuracy

Dead zone
Temperature drift
Cycle rate
0.2 nT

18,000 – 120,000 nT
0.,1 – 4 Hz
124 х 12.7 cm; 16 kg
Echo sounder 200 kHz (0 – 100m)
Flotation cable 200 m, 19 mm in diameter;
Cable 200 m, 9 mm in diameter

AMIGE carry out magnetometry within the study areas for offshore facilities to be constructed. Magnetometry is aimed to detect magnetic objects on the seabed surface or beneath it. The survey is performed with SeaSpy magnetometer (Marine Magnetics, Canada) equipped with both proton-spin and Overhause sensors.
Data acquisition is performed with special software SeaLINK supplied in complete with magnetometer and installed on PC. Data is stored as text files on HDD.
In addition base station magnetometer Sentinel (Marine Magnetics, Canada) may be used to correct mobile magnetometer data for diurnal variation. Processing of the obtained data is performed with MagPick software.