M/V Kern

M/V "Kern"

Designed for engineering surveys M/V Kern is actually a multi-purpose vessel. She is provided with geophysical equipment to perform sub-bottom profiling, side-scan sonar survey, multi-beam echo-sounding, magnetometry and soil sampling. The vessel is brining up to date from time to time.

General specifications
Inmarsat — C 427300955
ID IMO No 8837942
Registration No M- 892457
Ship-owner AMIGE
Port of registry Murmansk
Flag Russia
Built in 1991
Shipyard Khabarovsk, Russia
Type S eismic
Call sign UFVD
Power unit Motor ship
Register class KM (*) L 2 1 special(RMRS)
Technical specifications
Length , beam, draught 55.76m x 9.51 m x 4.22 m
Displacement 1,157t
Propulsion system Main engine : 6NVD48A — 2U (Germany), 1 х 1,000 hp, 736 kW Auxiliary diesel generator: 3 x 6 CHN 18/22, 225 hp, 150 kW Emergency diesel — generator : DGA 50M1-9P, 80 hp, 1,500 rpm
Thruster unit Bow thruster PU-2.1(PU 130A), 135 kW
Max speed 11.5 knots
Navigation area Unlimited
Self-sufficiency 30 days
Fuel stock 132 t
Fuel consumption 5 t/day in transit, 3 t/day – in operation
Water capacity 64 t (service), 45 t (fresh)
Accommodation 40 persons
Survival aids Accident boat — 1 Inflatable life raft x 8, Rescue quoits x 8 Life jackets x 45, survival suit x 45 adar transponder x 2
Deck equipment
Davit LE-84, electric, load capacity 900 kg, radius 3-4 m
Cargo crane F600AFM.26 (FASSI CRAN, Italy) Load capacity 8.4 t, radius 6 m; Load capacity 2.7 t, radius 16 m
Windlass B- 3, chain pitch 28mm and length 177m, Hall anchor: 2 x 900 kg
Mooring arrangement Capstan SCH -4, cable D 23mm, 30m
Special deck machinery
A-frame Height 9,050 mm, width 6,960 mm, hook full load 50 kN
A-frame winch Double drum winch LEK-3 (Russia) Two line traction pull — 10 kN, One line traction pull — 20 kN
Streamer winch Traction pull – 3.92 kN, Drum capacity – 300m of 51mm cable
Cable winch for magnetometer LOKS -I-I (Russia) P ull – 7.85 kN
X -Star winch P ull – 5.0 kN
Portable auxiliary winch CSW-7, electrically-driven (A .G.O. Environmental Electronics Ltd, Canada) Electrical: 2.5 kW, 220VAC
Special hold machinery
Air c ompressor 2 x EK 7,5-3, electrically driven Max power consumption 60 kW; Air compression: at 40 MPa (5,801.5 psi) — 0.12 l/s, a t 20 MPa (2,901.0 psi) — 0.21 l/s
Navigation and communication aids
DGPS TRIMBLE 4000 DS (USA) short-wave receiver MRX 3000 and UHF receiver MTX 162 for differential corrections (USA)
GMDSS Raytheon, 250Wt, A3
Doppler log AQUA operation range 3-180m, error 0.1 knots
Speed and distance indicator IEL-2M
Radar set Furuno FR-2115 JRC-5332-12
Gyrocompass Meridian (Russia) , similar to Braun Gyro
Echo sounder JMC F-3000; PEL-4, Hydrotrac: operation range 5-400m, error 1-0.1%
Satellite communication TT-3084A Capsat@Fleet77 (Thrane & Thrane, Denmark)
Special equipment
Geophysical equipment Shallow seismic profiling HF X-Star (EdgeTech, USA), tow fish SB-0512 (Subscan), 0.5-16 kHz tow fish SB-216, 2-16 kHz
LF Sparker ( 0.1-2.0 kHz) Boomer plate 5813B (1-2 kHz)
Side scan sonar survey DF-1000 Digital SS (EdgeTech , USA) Operating range : 2 x400 m (at 100 kHz), 2×100 m (at 400 kHz) Towfish 4200-FS (EdgeTech, USA) 2 x230 m (at 300 kHz), 2 х 100 m (at 600 kHz)
Magnetometry S eaSpy (Marine Magnetics, Canada) equipped with both proton-spin and Overhause sensors; Base station SENTINEL(Marine Magnetics, Canada)
Acoustic underwater tracking system Coordinate fixing Trackpoint II ( ORE , USA )
Oceanographic and meteorological equipment C urrent observations Recording current meters: RCM-7, RCM-9 ( AANDERAA, Norway) Recording current & wave meter: ADCP W H-600 (RD Instruments, USA)
Tide and wave observations Water level recorders WLR-7, WLR-8. SBE-26-03, SBE-26
Measurements of water physical parameters (temperature and salinity) Multi-purpose sensor NXIC-CTD; Hand-held sensor YSI-63 (Falmouth Scientific Inc., USA)
Weather observations Wind-meter M63M-1 (Russia); Aspirated psychrometer MV -4M (Russia); Barometer-aneroid MD -49-2 (Russia)
Hydrographic equipment Soundings and sub-bottom profiling Multi-beam echo sounder SEABAT 7101 (RESON, Denmark)
Single-beam echo sounder ODOM HYDROTRAC