Research Fleet

Research fleet includes four AMIGE-owned up-to-date special vessels built in 1985-1991 to the order of Ministry of the Gas Industry of the USSR. Two of them are designed to be used for engineering-geological drilling and geotechnical drilling with DP system, and the others two – for high precise multi-beam echo sounding, side-scan sonar survey, shallow seismic profiling, and hydro-engineering survey.
Among recent replenishment there are three small water crafts allowing performance of geotechnical investigations in extremely shallow waters (< 5m). Operation area of AMIGE fleet covers the Arctic shelf (the Barents Sea, the Pechora Sea, the Kara Sea, and the Laptev Sea), offshore regions of the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Japan, the Gulf of Mexico, the Indian Ocean, as well as off Africa and many other locations worldwide.