About us

AMIGE (Arctic Marine Engineering Geological Expeditions) was established on 17 March, 1980 to the order of Ministry of the Gas Industry of the USSR as a state-owned enterprise to be based in Murmansk. At the end of 2003 the status of AMIGE was changed to open joint-stock company with 100% of shares owned to the federal government.

AMIGE basic activities include engineering investigations for offshore constructions. Most of engineering surveys are performed in the framework of upstream projects.

Geography of previous and current operations is indicative of the enterprise stability and its leading position among Russian companies in the field of offshore investigations for various constructions. It covers nearly all inland seas and seas on the shelf of Russia and the CIS, including the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Azov Sea, Sea of Okhotsk, the Kara Sea, the Barents Sea, the Pechora Sea, and the Laptev Sea).

Being a reliable and efficient company in this market area AMIGE is staffed and equipped completely for full-service operations, including field data processing and interpretation, laboratory soil tests, and preparation of technical reports in compliance with both Russian and international standards.

The company staff is about 300 persons. AMIGE-owned research fleet includes two drilling vessels, two geophysical vessels, and three small water crafts which allow performance of near-shore survey.

Since 1980 AMIGE have performed geotechnical investigations for more than 200 drill rig set-up projects in the Barents Sea and the Kara Sea, as well as surveys for more than 35 areas within oil and gas structures and fields, including Murmanskiy, Admiralteiskiy, and Pakhtusovskiy Blocks, and etc. AMIGE has carried out site surveys for some ambitious projects such as Yamal-Center pipeline crossing via the Baydara Bay in the Kara Sea, for Shtokman GCF and Prirazlomnoye oil field development, and binding pipeline systems concept design. In recent years the company operates intensively in the framework of oil and gas field development and production projects in the Kara Sea region (Ob-Taz Bay, the Yamal peninsula). Besides the operations on the Arctic shelf AMIGE was engaged in many well-known projects within the CIS, including Jubga-Samsun Subsea Pipeline via the Black Sea, Novorossiysk Oil Terminal (KTK), Nord-Stream pipeline via the Baltic Sea.

In addition to geotechnical investigations AMIGE may offer research and marine geological survey as being fully equipped for these activities, like engineering-geological survey at any scale, geological survey aimed to study a top sediment soil section, special metocean survey, and soil lab tests in accordance with GOST and ASTM/BS standards.